A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…

It is a dark time in the Outer Rim.
A Chiss explorer found himself standing next to a Hutt, watching the rag-tag crew of homicidal galactic marauders waltz in through the front door.
Tasked with investigation and presumed armed re-conquest of the Hutt’s mining assets, the explorer gets caught in a chaotic clash between rebellious droids and mercenaries, and a droid hell-bent on murder, a manic mechanic, a bounty hunter-turned walking torch, and an absent pilot.
With detatched amusement and the safety filed off of his blaster, he’s now travelling the stars together with this crew, in their fight to restore freedom to the galaxy…
But mostly for profit and other shadier ulterior motifes.

Public Glory, Galactic Agony

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