Public Glory, Galactic Agony

The Hapes Assignment, Kastimiz
Far from Csilla. Far from home...

That was the first word, and indeed the most frequent word, to enter the Chiss’ mind these last few weeks. From one cesspool of chaos and madness to the next.
What was really disturbing though, was that he was probably beginning to enjoy it.
’ Mauled by a Rancor, shot at by Elite Troopers, blown up Imperial Walkers, and now this to top it of’
Another aftershock shook the corridor they were running down. Must have been one hell of a blast that took out the droid-shop.

Center Point Station, a site he had wanted to see for decades, and most likely made lawless and banned from it, should they escape alive.
‘Things are getting harder to explain in my reports… Like how I am running next to a Jedi, carrying extremely sensitive merchandise, and aiming to help him free his Padawan.
I’ll be fed to the Corellian Corpse-grub before I talk my way out of this one’

“Pick up the pace!” Avetti shouted as another tremble shook the building.
’ Heh.. Null Town will remember us’ Kastimiz gave a wry smile and kept running.

The Hapes Assignment. Ep. III
Where no man has been shot before

Chaos at the Center Point

The Hapes Assignment: Episode III

After a somewhat successful rendezvous with the Jedi Avetti Doha, obliterating his hideout and shaking the structure of the Center Point station, the galactic outlaws are now on the hunt for the kidnapped Padawan…

Hemma hos Joel som vanligt. Anar att vi är välkomna från 17, spelstart 18? :)
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The Hapes Assignment: Ep II
The torment continues

The Saga continues

The Hapes Assignment: Episode II

Vissa brutna, andra blödande, vilsna på en okänd planet…

Hemma hos Joel som vanligt. Anar att vi är välkomna från 17, spelstart 18? :)
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The Saga continues

Episode 1

In further service of the Hutt: The Hapes Assignment

Episode 2

Går kort text?: The Hapes Assignment

The Hapes Assignment
Landing dock 74-K, Coruscant.

The loading ramp to the beat-up old freighter closed with a clank.
‘Desert planet, desert planet, cramped, dusty mining planet, city planet’.
A few years ago it would have been a very distant thought indeed to be missing the freezing clean air and arctic bites of Csilla. This planet Hapes, in the Hapes Cluster, seemed like it could be a fresh change of scenery, if nothing else.

Blowing air out his nose to clean the residue of whatever it was that permeated the atmosphere here, Kastimiz shrugged the dust of his coat and stepped through the corridor into the crew lounge in the main cargo hold of the Krayt Fang.

The rest of the gang had just assembled there.
Garnak, the Bounty Hunter, still looked a bit beat up. That very odd medic-droid they carried around had done a decent job at least.
‘The day will never come when that crazed malfunction puts any sharp tools on my skin’
Kastimiz stepped around to the open end of the table, and produced his datapad from the coat.
Putting it on the table and swiping a few commands, the holo-image of Hapes appeared above the table. It’s silvery moon shone on the surface, and the luminescent nebulae around it caressed it like a gem-studded halo.


“Alright, as I said, I got a job on the hook that’d take us away from this planet”
The Duros looked up from fidgeting with his Hyper-spanner. Another essential modification, presumably.
" You mean away from the endless roads, constant sounds and complete lack of privacy? When are we leaving?"

Loa’kastimi’zillian looked at the other two, noting that even in the relative safety of the Krayt Fang, the droid had taken up the position at the edge of the couch, overlooking the boarding ramp and the roundabout corridor from the other side.

Noting, and wondering, if it would consider it a problem that Garnak was in his line of fire…

" What’s the job?" The Bounty Hunter asked. " Not that I’d complain about leaving this place. Security droids everywhere, eyeballing me as if they’re scanning my gear. Makes my trigger finger itchy"
There was still the issue of explaining how the Imperial Sec-droids had dissapeared. No one has asked about that yet though, so maybe it’ll slip.

" Assuming I got all the intel I needed, it should be a relatively easy job, and would work a long way towards me extracting myself from the Hutts. I’m getting sick of their sand-ridden planets"
He smiled to himself as Druk reacted to that with an irritated glance. How a mechanic could prefer a dusty sand-ball for a home was intriguing. But then again, his race was the origin of the Hyperspace technology, so maybe there was something there.
‘Gotta remember to ask him about that’
" We’re to travel to Hapes, the celestial you see here, meet up with a contact and escort him back to Sleheyron.
Under the Imperial eyes, I should add. We’d better take care not to rub the circuits of any more police driods"

As always, it was hard to read the face of the assassin-droid, but at least it nodded.
Kastimiz picked up the datapad and returned it inside the coat.
" I didn’t get any figures on our reward for this, but it has been decent thus far. I’ll get the ship primed.
Get ready to leave, we’ll punch it as soon as BoSS clears us for take-of"

Kastmiz walked up to the cock-pit and sat down. He still wasn’t very comfortable on piloting a ship this size.
’ Still feels like flying a rancor compared to my old assault scout…’
Tapping in the coords for the hyperspace lane towards the Hapes Cluster, waiting for the all-clear from the Bureau of Ships and Services.
’ At least I get to see a Yarkoran, that’ll be interesting’

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The mines of Sleheyron

Testing testing.

8V-D3 Droid. Testing Wiki test wiki länk

Kastimiz klarade sig utan skråmor, men med ett ärrat psyke.


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