Public Glory, Galactic Agony

The Hapes Assignment, Kastimiz

Far from Csilla. Far from home...

That was the first word, and indeed the most frequent word, to enter the Chiss’ mind these last few weeks. From one cesspool of chaos and madness to the next.
What was really disturbing though, was that he was probably beginning to enjoy it.
’ Mauled by a Rancor, shot at by Elite Troopers, blown up Imperial Walkers, and now this to top it of’
Another aftershock shook the corridor they were running down. Must have been one hell of a blast that took out the droid-shop.

Center Point Station, a site he had wanted to see for decades, and most likely made lawless and banned from it, should they escape alive.
‘Things are getting harder to explain in my reports… Like how I am running next to a Jedi, carrying extremely sensitive merchandise, and aiming to help him free his Padawan.
I’ll be fed to the Corellian Corpse-grub before I talk my way out of this one’

“Pick up the pace!” Avetti shouted as another tremble shook the building.
’ Heh.. Null Town will remember us’ Kastimiz gave a wry smile and kept running.



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