Vendri DeRalm

Duros Spy


Vendri DeRalm is the inheritor of a legazy of generations of explorers and wanderers, traveling from star to star across the galaxy. The Duros people have always placed a high value on discovery and travel, being one of several species with competing claims to be the inventors of the hyperdrive in the distant past. Vendri has long enjoyed traveling to unspoiled and verdant worlds, where he can explore the natural beauty to his heart´s content. For years, Vendri made his living as a wildlife and landscape holographer, taking 2-, 3, and 4 dimensinal images of exotic locales and animals. In that time, he become extremely adapt at passing unseen to line up the perfect shot.

Over the last few years, as the Empire consolidated its power, Vendri´s life has become more complicated. His homeworld has been reassigned to a new sector with a new human governor. His main business, traveling across the galaxy, now requires more paperwork and inspections than ever before, and more than once, his cargo of biological specimens has been either seized with no explanation or completely spoiled during ”customs inspections” by Imperial officials. Vendri himself is routinely selected by human officers for ”random inspections” and he has been arrested thre times on trumped up charges (until he could pay the proper bribe).

The whole situation Vendri concluded, had become completely intolerable. The Empire was human-controlled and routinely exploiting and harassaing non-humans like him. So when he was contacted by a mysterious figure identifying herself as ”Mother”, Vendri was only happy to help the Rebel Alliance. His duties started small, gathering intelligence and acting as a courier (although his non-human status complicated the latter role; Vendri was forced to commit messages to memory). Eventually, Vendri reported for advance training on a small moon called Yavin 4, where he finally met ”Mother” face-to-face and discovered that she was a Duros, like him. During his training, Vendri´s new superiors discovered that his career as a wildlife photographer had made him quiet handy in rough country, and so they attached him to Alliance Special Operations Command. Vendri´s duties now consist primarily of reconnaissance of lightly populated worlds, often in advance or in conjunction with a Special Operations team.

Vendri DeRalm

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