Centerpoint Station

Centerpoint Station, known to the Killiks as Qolaraloq, or the World Puller, was an ancient space station that was capable of moving entire planets with its tractor beams.
It was created by the Thuruht hive c. 100,000 BBY; this would make it perhaps one of the oldest artifacts known to the Jedi

  • Length – 350 Kilometers
  • Width – 100 Kilometers
  • Constructed 100.000 years BBY

With a width of 100 kilometers and length of 350 kilometers, it was larger than the first Death Star. From a distance, it appeared as a huge partially translucent sphere with two small cylindrical poles facing Talus and Tralus.
The interior consisted of a hollowed area known as Hollowtown that was, at one point, inhabited, as well as the station’s immensely powerful tractor beam arrays.
The station was built before the invention of artificial gravity, so it rotated to simulate gravity.

A smaller station of similar design existed within the The Maw, dubbed Sinkhole Station by its inhabitants.

Centerpoint Station

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